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Ali Mughal is a Professional Blogger/Website Designer / Developer and Graphic Logo Designer. SEO and WordPress Expert. Developing/Designing Websites from Since 2 years.

HTML,CSS,PHP,Javascript,Asp.net, Bootstrap, C, C++, Assembly, MySQL Having Skills about above Languages. 

Good In Java programming Language studying Software Engineering.

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Ali Saleem Is a MAC/IOS Applications Developer Expert in  Swift Programming. Having the good knowledge of Following Programming Languages C, C++, Java, Objective C, Assembly, OOP, Swift, C# Language. Studying Software Engineering .

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Faizan ur Rehman Is a Microsoft Windows Desktop Application Developer Good in C# .NET Programming and skilled in Video Editing currently studying Software Engineering. Loves to develop Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF), Windows Form Applications(WFA), Universal Windows Platform(UWP) applications and develop Android Applications by C# via Xamarin. Languages that are known includes

C#, Java, Kotlin,  C++,

C, Assembly, Php5CSS3

SQLJavaScriptHTML 5


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SADIA NAUREEN is a professional SEO EXPERT. Doing SEO since 1 year. Expertise are logo designing and Making Animated Videos on Any topic, WRITING SEO optimized articles, Designing a website.Having knowledge of HTML,CSS,c,c++ programming languages.

Doing software engineering.

SoftyNews.com is the leading blog/website that focuses on publishing high-quality relevant content in a wide variety of subjects that people are interested in.We gives you amazing new IT Information and Programming Codes that we believe you would benefit from it.

We always make sure that every article that we publish is relevant to our audience. It is important to us that our readers like the content and read it till the end. This is why we strive to publish articles according to relative New IT released And Software Updates .

Our goal is to let everyone about the technology and made it easy for everyone to solve their issues regarding technology and we hope you will help us to achieve it.

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